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Some Interesting Notes From MIT

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At MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, a robot baby’s touch points toward consciousness and maybe a sense of soul. On hand is the lab’s resident theologian, Dr. Anne Foerst, also a member of this group, to help explore what we can and cannot know about ourselves and the machines that one day may keep us as pets.

“You’d better come look at Cog!” said Matt Williamson, so Anne Foerst, the resident theologian of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab, left her computer and raced down the

AI Is Far From Just A Dream

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In anything we do, we jump to a higher level of performance when we learn to work with patterns rather than merely mastering details. Today, a compelling application of business computing is one that has made this leap.

dcWe see the power of patterns in human performance of tasks, whether the task is driving a car or playing chess.

The driver-education student feels overwhelmed with details; the experienced driver integrates images, sounds and “road feel” to go faster with less conscious effort.

The novice chess