Bots Kicking Ass Out There

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What our noggins do far better than today’s fastest supercomputers is “pattern recognition,” allowing us to remember faces or appreciate the beauty of a sunset. Kurzweil boldly predicts that 30 years from now common computers will have this capability and others, including consciousness and the ability to have emotional and even spiritual experiences.

robotsJudging by the most visible application of artificial intelligence today–intelligent agents–I wouldn’t bet my PC on this. Intelligent agents are software routines designed to retrieve the information you need and perform actions

Are You Familiar With Currently Non-Collectible Status?

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yfcncsPaying taxes can be challenging for many people, especially if they do not see this as an obligation until the IRS comes to the door. On the other hand, some people cannot pay their taxes due to various financial losses, so they must look for proper IRS tax relief. The currently non-collectible status cannot be applied on anyone, but it can help with the debts, so it is recommended to learn more about it.

In order to be a part of this category a taxpayer …

Need Inspiration? Read Something!

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Books that nourish the spirit are more popular than ever. Here’s our guide to the top titles.

The first inspirational book was, of course, the Bible. Talk about longevity: Americans reportedly spend some $400 million a year on various editions of the Good Book, says the Progressive Christian. These days, though, they’re also buying up a lot of other titles that promise different sorts of spiritual guidance. We’ve sifted through these books and highlighted the more inspiring among them–both classic and new. Whether you believe …

Are You Enlightened? Searle Is!

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John Searle’s Mind, Language and Society engages the forces of darkness that threaten the continuation of the Enlightenment. It rebuts sharply those pragmatist, antirealist and postmodernist arguments which seek to convince us that we say nothing true — or nothing to any point, or nothing interesting — when we incline, as many of us still do, to say that enquiry and reflection strive to, and sometimes do, arrive at thoughts, theories, or statements that are true or false depending on whether the world is …

Customers Love A Good Site

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Oh, that Jill. she has a special talent for making customers feel all warm and cozy. With her in-depth knowledge, thoughtful questions and almost uncanny ability to predict what kind of laptop a shopper will want, Jill, a service representative on Rioworks‘ e-commerce site, often gets the undying gratitude of online customers tied up like a pink valentine.

In fact, recently Jill received this customer love note:

“Dear Jill,

Your overview about notebooks is AWESOME. I realized over the holidays that I need to

Some Interesting Notes From MIT

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At MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, a robot baby’s touch points toward consciousness and maybe a sense of soul. On hand is the lab’s resident theologian, Dr. Anne Foerst, also a member of this group, to help explore what we can and cannot know about ourselves and the machines that one day may keep us as pets.

“You’d better come look at Cog!” said Matt Williamson, so Anne Foerst, the resident theologian of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) lab, left her computer and raced down the

Starting A Blog For Beginners

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Many people may have the right talent to write articles or maybe express their opinions where many people will one hundred percent agree with them. What will make your blog site popular is by expressing thoughts that people want to hear or most likely publicize something sabfbthat many people think of but have not mentioned in public yet. When starting a blog, you need to decide what your niche will be. You can write something about animal rights or being vegetarian. More than twenty percent …

How Can I Resolve My IRS Problems?

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hcirHaving IRS problems is such a daunting experience, especially if you cannot find time to deal with it. However, resolving tax disputes can now be easily done through the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Calling this public office will help you with your IRS problems, knowing that they have several representatives to assist you with the process. They will conduct several assessments to know your current tax status and identify your need to solve it right away. Making an effort to call the Taxpayer Advocate Service will …

Sensing From Above

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I think not a lot of people really understand exactly what technology the government has in order to watch citizens. In fact, I think if everyone knew, there would probably be riots in the street. I was reading the other week about surveillance stuff in a recent Popular Mechanics, which I’ve always loved since I was a little boy (I remember my Dad had stacks of them, as well as Popular Science) – too bad the world they predicted never came to be – …

AI Is Far From Just A Dream

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In anything we do, we jump to a higher level of performance when we learn to work with patterns rather than merely mastering details. Today, a compelling application of business computing is one that has made this leap.

dcWe see the power of patterns in human performance of tasks, whether the task is driving a car or playing chess.

The driver-education student feels overwhelmed with details; the experienced driver integrates images, sounds and “road feel” to go faster with less conscious effort.

The novice chess